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Welcome to the L-processor documentation!

L-processor (/ˌel ˈprɑːsesər/) is a work-in-progress XQuery library to analyze (natural) language, originating from the work on Ancient Greek and Latin performed by Giuseppe G. A. Celano at the Humboldt Chair in Digital Humanities assigned to Prof. Gregory Crane at Leipzig University ("l" in "L-processor" stands for both "linguistic" and "Leipzig"). This library is meant to promote disclosure of the computational code used to analyze language - which should be the only acceptable practice in academia/science. Currently, the library contains scripts only for Ancient Greek; if you are willing to contribute ask for access. The present wiki contains documentation for the functions contained in the library.

Getting started

This section explains how it is possible to use the functions contained in this wiki and import the Library module in your XQuery processor

Ancient Greek

This section contains the functions for Ancient Greek


This section contains the functions for Latin